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Wednesday 4th May 9 - 3pm

Thursday 5th May 9 - 3pm

Friday 6th May 9 - 2.30pm

Wednesday 1th May 9- 3pm

Thursday 12th May 9 - 3pm

Friday 13th May final day - 9 - 12.30


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​The Square, Timsbury, BA2 0HY       ​

To all our treasured customers, past and present, local and far-flung,

We are very sadly having to announce the imminent closure of The Connies after 11 and a half years of trading.

It has been a whirlwind of a journey where we've learnt many new skills, meeting successes and failures along the way.  Customers have become lifelong friends, staff have become like family, tiny babies have become loyal and chatty regulars, hugs have been given and hands held when needed the most. We've had to say goodbye to some wonderful characters with life stories from days gone by, been given unsolicited paint advice when we changed the colour of our paintwork, created cakes that you still can't get enough of, a daily menu that often stretched our kitchen to its limits and

Alex's legendary Sunday roasts and Dim Sum that are still remembered today!
We'll miss the hustle and bustle of busy cafe life, the joy of catching up with customers, seeing you enjoy the food we make, the challenge of improvement when things don't go to plan, researching and preparing for parties and weddings, smelling a freshly baked quiche as it comes out of the oven, meeting new dogs, cuddling new babies and all the joy this little corner of Timsbury has brought. We have worked with some fabulous local companies to offer you great coffee, tea and other fresh produce and will be sad to see those relationships end too.

We know you'll be sad to see your favourite local go, but the landlord wants the building back and so our time has come.  We have no idea what future is planned for this lovely building.

 We have known this closure was coming for a while, so have had time to get used to the idea.  We plan to make our remaining trading days a positive closing down party - albeit one without music as we decided not to pay for another year's music licence!! 

Our hours will change as we are juggling around current staff commitments and decided not to recruit new people who we would then have to let go.  We will advertise our weekly hours in the usual places, but Saturdays are looking impossible to staff from now on in.

We will gradually be winding down our food stocks to just coffee and cake, but essentially we'll be operating to cover our closure costs with as little wastage as possible, but it will only be over a few weeks.  We have also experienced some equipment failure and so may be unable to offer breakfasts or other hob cooked food if we can't justify repairs.

If you'd like to order any of our counter cakes do get in touch as we will be happy to give you your Connies fix for you to freeze and enjoy at home.

We have no plans to relocate or set up elsewhere at this stage as the decision is that with food and living costs rising steeply, staff wages increasing and my need to earn a bigger income, the margins will be too tight.  Instead, I will take a moment to take stock, enjoy time with my children at the weekends and maybe be employed for a while.  But my love of food and creating feasts won't go away, so I may be back one day. I don't know in what capacity or when, but if you'd like to be

kept in the loop then keep in touch!  I'll be known as The Connies Girl on facebook and instagram and hope to keep baking and creating.

Love to each and every one of you xxxx